Name: Marika Väli
Data and place of birth: October 03, 1959, Tartu, Estonia

Academic and Professional Activities

1977-1983     University of Tartu, Medical Faculty, graduated as physician
1989               PhD in forensic medicine, Moscow, Institute of Medicine of N. A. Šemaško
1983-1986      Assistant of the Chair of Forensic Medicine, Tartu University, Medical Faculty
1986-1995      Head of the Viljandi Department of the Estonian Bureau of Forensic Medicine
1995-1998      Senior Assistant of the Chair of Forensic Medicine
1998 -2004     Docent of the Chair of Forensic Medicine
2004 up to now Professor of the forensic medicine, Head of the Institute of Pathological Anatomy and Forensic Medicine
2008           Deputy director of Estonian Forensic Science Institute

Current Professional Activities

Professor of Forensic Medicine of the University of Tartu
Deputy director of Estonian Forensic Science Institute

Scientific Activities and Publications

Total number of publications: 76
Scientific articles in international journals: 25
Other articles: 23

Publishing of textbooks:
“Forensic Medicine”, Tallinn, 2007. Textbook for students of Faculties of Medicine and Law.

Main fields of research

Effects of acute and chronic administration of ethanol on human organism and associated experimental investigations on laboratory animals.
Morphological and biochemical changes in dead bodies as a result of acute and chronic alcohol consumption.
Investigation of causes, morphological changes and preceding clinical finding of sudden coronary death.
Assault against children.

Awards and Distinctions

Vice-President of the Baltic Medico-Legal Association
Member of the Board of Estonian Association of Forensic Doctors
Member of the Estonian Association of Pathologists
Member of honour of the International Association of Anthropology
Member of the Council of Medical Faculty
Member of the Commission of Pathology of the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs
Member of the Expert Commission of Medical Aid Quality of the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs
Member CPT (European Committee of the Prevention of Torture)

Awarded the Order of the Republic of Estonia, the White Star IV Class

Language Preferences

Estonian, German, Russian, English


Address: Tartu, Aleksandri 35-17,
Phones   + 372 7 481 702 (home)
              + 372 7 374 291 (office)
Fax       + 372  7 374292

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